C.P. Hornung: Handbook of designs and devices (1946)

Handbook of designs and devices (1946)

22/03/10 – A small selection from the 1,836 examples outlined in C.P. Hornung’s Handbook of designs and devices (1946):

The sector and its combinations (pp. 4-5)

The line and band & The band encircled (pp. 26-7)

The triangle (pp. 36-7)

The square and its combinations & The square and checker combinations (pp. 70-1)

The cross (pp. 96-7)

The swastika & The swastika and its variants (pp. 116-7)

The octagon & The octagon and its variants (pp. 148-9)

The fret and its variants (pp. 180-1)

The fret and its combinations  & The rectangle subdivision (pp. 184-5)

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  1. Ego Kornus says:

    Just blogged a page from this book in my blog.

    Great stuff you have here on your site!!

  2. Just received my copy during the weekend. Great resource.

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