A new history of Canada vol. 1 (1972)

A New History of Canada

25/10/09 – Volume one, New Worlds to Find 1000-1600, in the fifteen volume series: A New History of Canada. Educational textbook for children. Published by Editions Format in 1972 in Montreal. (more…)

Postcards from Expo 67 in Montreal

08/04/09 – Place d’Accueil – this is the main entrance to the Exhibition and the terminus of the mass transit. Buildings on the extensive deck are restaurants, boutiques and reception rooms.

All postcards marked: Official post card / Les Messageries de Press Benjamin Ltee / Benjamin News Co., Ltd., Montreal 3, Canada / Plastichrome of Canada / ©1963 [?] (more…)

Industrial British Columbia 1946

24/02/09 – Industrial British Columbia 1946: Canada’s magnificent new industrial empire, geared to efficient high quality production, backed by an adequate pool of skilled labor promotional catalogue. Designed and lithographed by The Sun Publishing Company Limited, Vancouver, B. C. Copyright May 15, 1947. Spiral bound 14″ x 10″ with 46 pages.  (more…)

Solair Chair: Fabiano & Panzini for IPL

The Solair chair for IPL.  Design by Fabiano & Panzini. Patent design d-44237. Item: no. 60323. Made in Canada (1972). (more…)

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