Karl Gerstner: The forms of colour (1986)


25/03/10 – In his book, The forms of colour, Karl Gerstner examines the complex interaction between colour and form and develops his own system: ‘The Colour Form Model.’ (more…)

C.P. Hornung: Handbook of designs and devices (1946)

Handbook of designs and devices (1946)

22/03/10 – A small selection from the 1,836 examples outlined in C.P. Hornung’s Handbook of designs and devices (1946): (more…)

Typographic Study: Square with 3×3 Grid [Ex. AH-25]

Fig. AH-25-2.1a

14/04/09 – Formal typographic study of the square with 3×3 grid and variations in ratio/proportion and orientation. (more…)

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