Olympus OM-10 camera system packaging

Olympus OM 10: body

27/11/11 – Original packaging design for the OM-10 camera system by Olympus (c. 1979-87): box graphics for camera body, lens and semihard case. (more…)

Imre Reiner: Grafika (1947)

Grafika: modern design for advertising and printing (1947)

19/09/11 – Selections from Imre Reiner’s Grafika: modern design for advertising and printing published in New York in 1947. English edition limited to 1000 copies. (more…)

Interkosmos space program stamp series (1970)

Radar station

13/09/2011 – Czechoslovak stamp series designed by Jaroslav Lukavský in 1970 for the Interkosmos space program. (more…)

Books from 1960s Czechoslovakia: part 2

Czechoslovak books (1960s)

27/05/11 – Second installment of book covers, dust jackets, endpapers and title pages from Czechoslovakia circa 1960. (more…)

Books from 1960s Czechoslovakia: part 1

Czechoslovak book covers

20/05/11 – A selection of book covers, dust jackets, endpapers and title pages from Czechoslovakia circa 1960. (more…)

‘Best builders of socialism’ matchbox label series (1960)

Vote for the best builders of socialism as representatives of the people

18/04/11 – Czechoslovak matchbox label series promoting the election of socialist leaders. Series features illustrations of men and women from a wide variety of occupations (teachers, scientists, farmers, etc.) with the slogan (roughly translated): “[Elect] the best builders of socialism to represent the people.” (more…)

Traditional Czechoslovak Easter egg designs (1963)

Czechoslovak folk art

02/04/11 – Czechoslovak matchbox label series featuring traditional folk art. Series consists of eleven labels depicting hand-painted Easter egg designs. Labels printed for the Solo matchworks in Lipnik, Czechoslovakia in 1963. (more…)

Series of WWII Czechoslovak military heroes (1945)

Staff Captain Ridky, British Army

30/03/11 – Stamp series dedicated to the  Czechoslovak military heroes of World War 2. Series dates from 1945 and consists of 16 unique denominations. (more…)

Animal illustrations from the Prague Zoo (1963)

Prague Zoo: hippopotamus

13/03/11 – Matchbox label series featuring animals from the Prague zoo. Printed by the Solo matchworks in Lipník, Czechoslovakia, 1963. (more…)

Czechoslovak independence series by J. Schmidt (1945-7)

Milan Rastislav Štefánik

24/02/11 – Sixteen-part postage stamp series commemorating three key figures of the Czechoslovak independence movement: Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, Edvard Beneš and Milan Rastislav Štefánik. (more…)

Czechoslovak folk architecture series (1961)

Hana House with Porch

14/02/11 – Series of twenty matchbox labels featuring Czechoslovak folk architecture. Printed in 1961 by the Solo matchworks company. (more…)

Czechoslovak first day covers, a selection

"Giovanni Francisci as a volunteer" by Peter Michal Bohun, Nov. 29, 1968

10/02/11 – Selection of Czechoslovak first day covers (FDCs). Typically, FDCs are special issue envelopes promoting the release of a new stamp or stamp series. They feature a unique post mark (cancel) indicating date of issue, and artwork, called a ‘cachet.’ This small selection dates from 1968-71 and all cachets are engravings. (more…)

The Penguin Poets redesign by Jan Tschichold (1948)


15/12/10 – Two early examples of titles from the Penguin Poets series: (left) John Overton’s [?] original design of 1946 and (right) Jan Tschichold’s reformed design of 1951. (more…)

Czechoslovak aircraft stamp series by J. Lukavsky (1967)

Glider L-13

01/12/10 – Series of postage stamp designs by Jaroslav Lukavsky featuring Czechoslovak aircraft. Engraved by Josef Herčík in 1967. (more…)

1962 Czechoslovak Summer Spartakiad graphics

Summer Spartakiad of the Allied Armies 1962

11/11/10 – Set of Czechoslovak matchbox labels commemorating the 2nd Summer Spartakiad of Allied Armies in 1962. (more…)

Jan Tschichold’s redesign for Pelican Books 1949


11/10/10 – Two examples of early Pelican titles: (left) Edward Young’s original horizontal grid design of 1937 and (right) Jan Tschichold’s reformed design of 1949. (more…)

The Penguin Shakespeare redesign by Jan Tschichold 1949

The Penguin Shakespeare: 1947 & 1949

27/09/10 – The Penguin Shakespeare series: Edward Young’s [?] original design (1938) and Jan Tschichold’s revision (1949). (more…)

Max Bill: Form (1952)

Form: a balance sheet of mid-twentieth century trends in design (1952)
20/09/10 – Selections from Max Bill’s Form: a balance sheet of mid-twentieth century trends in design published in 1952 by Verlag Karl Werner, Basel. (more…)

Penguin’s horizontal grid design and Tschichold’s reforms

Penguin Books: 1938 & 1958

31/08/10 – Two examples of early Penguin paperback covers: Edward Young’s horizontal grid of the 1930s and Jan Tschichold’s reformed design of the 1950s. (more…)

More Czech National Spartakiad competition graphics

Train with us

24/08/10 – Series of matchbox labels produced by the Solo match factory in Lipnik, Czechoslovakia, on the occasion of the 1960 National Spartakiad. The text, “Nacvicujte s nami,” roughly translates as: “Train with us.” (more…)

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