Aldo Rossi’s La conica e altre caffettiere (1984)

'La conica' e altre caffettiere (1984)

12/07/10 – Illustration by Aldo Rossi from the exhibition ‘La conica’ e altre caffettiere held September 8-11, 1984 in Milan. (more…)

Air made visible: a visual reader on Bruno Munari (2000)

20/08/09 – Far vedere l’aria / Air Made Visible: A Visual Reader on Bruno Munari (2000) edited by Claude Lichtenstein and Alfredo W. Haberli. A catalogue for the exhibition at the Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich. Printed in Switzerland by Lars Muller Publishers//.

Falkland Lamp by Bruno Munari for Danese Milano

Falkland Lamp (1964)

12/08/09 – Falkland Lamp by Bruno Munari for Danese Milano (1964). Spontaneous form tube-like suspension lamp. More images//

Lambretta LD 150 Milan

Lambretta LD 150 Mark 2

02/05/09 – Lambretta LD 150 scooter built by Innocenti in Milan circa 1954-56. (more…)

Bruno Munari’s Design as art (1966)

Design as Art: Detail: Spread

01/04/09 – Excerpts from Bruno Munari’s Design as art first published in 1966. Images on flickr//

Preface to the English Edition

They [artists] have realized that at the present time subjective values are losing their importance in favour of objective values that can be understood by a great number of people.And if the aim is to mass-produce objects for sale to a wide public at low price, then it becomes a problem of method and design. The artist has to regain the modesty he had when art was just a trade, and instead of despising the very public he is trying to interest he must discover its needs and make contact with it again. This is the reason why the traditional artist is being transformed into the designer, and as I myself have undergone this transformation in the course of my working career I can say that this book of mine is also a kind of diary in which I try to see the why and wherefore of this metamorphosis. (13)

Excerpts from The Vignelli Canon


24/03/09 – Excerpts from Massimo Vignelli’s The Vignelli Canon (2008):

This little book reveals our guidelines – those set by ourselves for ourselves. (6)

Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best. (ibid.)

It is not the formula that prevents good design from happening but lack of knowledge of the complexity of the Design profession. (ibid.) (more…)

Solair Chair: Fabiano & Panzini for IPL

The Solair chair for IPL.  Design by Fabiano & Panzini. Patent design d-44237. Item: no. 60323. Made in Canada (1972). (more…)

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