Olympus OM-10 camera system packaging

Olympus OM 10: body

27/11/11 – Original packaging design for the OM-10 camera system by Olympus (c. 1979-87): box graphics for camera body, lens and semihard case. (more…)

Chicago architectural photographs, a selection

Gateway Center III
07/06/10 – A selection of architectural photographs from a recent, and unfortunately very brief, visit to Chicago. (more…)

Canadian Pacific Airlines (CP Air) Postcards

11/04/09 – “The luxurious Boeing 747 is the world’s largest commercial passenger aircraft. Wing span, 195.7 ft. (59.6 meters). Length 231.3 ft. (70.5 meters). Fuel capacity 42.481 imp. gals (192,500 ltrs). Max. take-off weight, 775, 000 lbs. (351.540 kgms.) Cruising speed, 560 mph (900 kmh). The 747s are part of CP Air’s modern fleet of orange jets serving five continents.” (more…)

Postcards from Expo 67 in Montreal

08/04/09 – Place d’Accueil – this is the main entrance to the Exhibition and the terminus of the mass transit. Buildings on the extensive deck are restaurants, boutiques and reception rooms.

All postcards marked: Official post card / Les Messageries de Press Benjamin Ltee / Benjamin News Co., Ltd., Montreal 3, Canada / Plastichrome of Canada / ©1963 [?] (more…)

‘Gacha’ capsule machine toys from Japan

22/02/08 – Small selection of ‘gacha’ (capsule) machine toys from Japan. (more…)

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