Czech stamp series designed by J. Lukavsky (1971-2)

Cottage, Turnov 9k

19/07/10 – Series of 13 postage stamps from Czechoslovakia designed by Jaroslav Lukavsky featuring traditional Czech and Slovak folk motifs and architecture.

Roofs and folk art, Horacko 1k
Roofs and steeples, Saris 1.60k
Bell tower, Hronsek 2k
House, Jicin 2.40k
House and folk art, Melnik 3k
Church of St. Bartholomew, Chrudim 3.60k
Watch tower, Nachod 5k
Baroque houses, Posumavi 5.40k
Cottage, Orava 6k
Old houses, Liptov 10k
House and wayside bell stand, Valas 14k
Houses, Cicmany 20k

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