Canadian Pacific Airlines (CP Air) Postcards

11/04/09 – “The luxurious Boeing 747 is the world’s largest commercial passenger aircraft. Wing span, 195.7 ft. (59.6 meters). Length 231.3 ft. (70.5 meters). Fuel capacity 42.481 imp. gals (192,500 ltrs). Max. take-off weight, 775, 000 lbs. (351.540 kgms.) Cruising speed, 560 mph (900 kmh). The 747s are part of CP Air’s modern fleet of orange jets serving five continents.”

“The Boeing 737, with its full-width cabin and tasteful appointments, brings all the luxury of the big international jets to CP Air’s North American routes.”

“With its three jets mounted behind the cabin area, the Boeing 727 is unusually quiet in flight. CP Air’s fleet of luxuriously appointed 727s are in use on flights across Canada and to other North American destinations.”

“CP Air operates three different versions of DC-8 aircraft. Each incorporates the latest improvements in navigational aids and passenger comfort. They are used mainly on international flights.”

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