Czechoslovak first day covers, a selection

"Giovanni Francisci as a volunteer" by Peter Michal Bohun, Nov. 29, 1968

10/02/11 – Selection of Czechoslovak first day covers (FDCs). Typically, FDCs are special issue envelopes promoting the release of a new stamp or stamp series. They feature a unique post mark (cancel) indicating date of issue, and artwork, called a ‘cachet.’ This small selection dates from 1968-71 and all cachets are engravings.

"Cleopatra II" by Jan Zrzavy, Nov. 29, 1968

"Moon searching for lilies of the valley" (1913) by Jan Zrzavy, Jan. 28, 1971

"At the edge of town" (1931)by Koloman Sokol, Jan. 28, 1971

"Woman with pitcher" by Milos Bazovsky, Nov. 29, 1971

25th anniversary of UNICEF, Dec. 11, 1971

25th anniversary of UNICEF, Dec. 11, 1971

Interkosmos Sputnik Nov. 15, 1971

Stamp day, Dec. 17, 1971

"Resurrection" (14th century) by Master of Vyšší Brod, Nov. 29, 1971

"Madonna and child" by Master Paul of Levoka, Nov. 29, 1968

"Black lake" by Jan Preisler, Nov. 29, 1968

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