Aldo Rossi’s La conica e altre caffettiere (1984)

'La conica' e altre caffettiere (1984)

12/07/10 – Illustration by Aldo Rossi from the exhibition ‘La conica’ e altre caffettiere held September 8-11, 1984 in Milan.

A note about the show:

This exhibition illustrates the genesis of the “La conica” cofee-maker, named so after the conical shape of its lid.

It is an espresso coffee-maker developed for Alessi after research started in 1980 on the theme of coffee and tea, the rites and their instruments for preparation and service. Pots, pitchers, the New Orleans coffee-maker, espresso coffee-makers, percolators: notes, sketches, drawings, good photographs and “private” Polaroid shots on a subject so dear to the author that it has become a sort of obsession, a constant presence in many of his architectural drawings which eventually has transformed itself into a real object, to be touched and used.

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