A selection of graphics from Bauhaus publications

The laws of cubical space are the linear network of planimetric and stereometric relationships

27/11/09 – A selection of diagrams and information graphics from Bauhaus publications by Gropius, Itten, Kandinsky , Klee, Moholy-Nagy, Schlemmer, et al.

Organic man: movements and emanations create an imaginary space

Scheme for stage, cult, and popular entertainment

The Color Circle

Fig. 12 Three conjugations: active, medial and passive (linear and planar)

Fig. 16-17 Quantitative structure

Fig. 86-7 The infinite movement, chromatic

Diagram of the Bauhaus curriculum, published 1923

Paul Klee: Idea and structure of the Staatliche Bauhaus (1922)

Timetable of the preliminary course for the summer semester of 1924.

Diagrammatic indication of the line-plane-colour relationships

Fig. 81-2 Tension from the center and distribution of weights

The lyric the dramatic

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