Oliver Tomas is a multi-disciplinary designer and researcher currently freelancing with The Jibe as a UX/UI Designer and Information Architect.


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LA Lights the Way – City of Los Angeles Public Works
Can we design a standard streetlight for the city of Los Angeles that maintains the established benefits of utility, flexibility, economic viability and longevity while also fulfilling much larger goals such as social cohesion, sustainability and cultural enhancement? LA Lights the Way design contest entry created in collaboration with Goodweather Studio.
100 Bücher, die alle Designer kennen sollten / 100 Books All Designers Should Know
Essay contribution to new publication by Prof. René Spitz and Marcel Trauzenberg, 100 Books All Designers Should Know published by av edition.
Modern by Design: Postwar Craft and Design in British Columbia
Ideation, research and exhibition design with Goodweather Studio for an upcoming exhibition about postwar craft and design in British Columbia.
Exhibition Design / Research / Ideation / Graphic Design